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commands for updating ubuntu-7

XRDP – How To Remote Connect to Unity Desktop on Ubuntu 16.04 Hello World, In our previous post, we have quickly provided a step by step instructions on how to perform a fresh installation of Ubuntu 16.04.

If you are working with Ubuntu since a long time, you know that no major changes have been introduced in the setup process and wizard. xrdp is a great solution when you need to have coexistence between Windows machines and Linux machine.

In the past, we have described how to install xrdp on the previous releases of Ubuntu( 15.10,15.04,14.10,14.04,..).

The process described to install xrdp on Ubuntu 16.04 is exactly the same as the one described for machines running Ubuntu 15.10.

You will probably get better results installing the from the apt repository on or Package Cloud.


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