Comment organiser soiree speed dating

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Grabbing our bikini’s we arrived at the Hard Rock Hotel amidst crowds of tall tattooed hotties in town for March Madness. Capturing the attention of several young studs in the hot tub, our little vacation was shaping up to be a lot of fun! I never knew six minutes could literally be an eternity.

After playing a few penny slots and losing enough money to buy at least three drinks at the bar, we needed to hit the pool. The organizer explained to us that we would have six minutes to talk to each dating dude and at the end decide who we’d like to see again.

J’avais pensé à faire un article dessus tellement je trouvais que ça manquait.

Je ne l’ai jamais fait au final car ce n’est pas si répandu que ça.

La question aurait été différente si cela avait été le cas (comme cela se fait pour les agences matrimoniales qui ont un véritable mandat).