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Consolidation on this view is when the actors in a system follow (have informally institutionalised) the formal rules of the democratic institution.

Perhaps this concept of natural rights could be summed up by stating that each individual has the right to live and be free, without harm and injury from others.

Over the years, I have come to observe and realize that no matter where you are on this Planet Earth, no matter who you are, and no matter what you have become over the years, your heart still yearns for your natural point of origin and birth. As of this date in 1847, Liberia became a sovereign nation, making Liberia the first independent democratic country on the African Continent.

This natural law was said to be inherent in human beings, and mans capability of discerning it is manifested by his conscience.

From this idea of natural law emerged the concept of natural rights those God-given rights that are so fundamental to the dignified existence of human beings that they cannot be taken away.

O'Donnell believes that the institutionalization of electoral rules is not the most interesting feature of democratic consolidation.


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