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You can go hiking on the weekends and if you have the option of taking the stairs or the elevator, take the stairs. Feel free to ask the Countess more questions on Hollywood‘s Facebook & Twitter accounts! One of the best things about RHONY is that many of the original housewives are still on the show today!We’ve been through so much together that when we have a tiff, it’s more of a fender bender than a 95-car pileup. I think Ramona enjoys her business partner’s company and that is why she invited him to Dorinda’s party, yet I don’t feel like she’s completely moved on from Mario--they aren’t even divorced yet.

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Wainstein is described by friend, and former cast member of The Real Housewives of New York City, Cindy Barshop as a real housewife saying, "when she has a party, it's to the top.

We’re not sure that’s enough to warrant bringing back the OG, who left at the end of Season 4, but the show seems to be doing OK without her (though ratings aren’t quite what they used to be).

Despite a few women coming and going each season, the majority of the cast has a long history with one another.

As a result, fans have been given the chance to get to know these women quite well and see their dynamic friendships either dissolve or evolve over time.

She relentlessly picked on Carole for dating a younger man while Luann herself admits to sleeping around and she has been accused of using her friendships with some of the other women, mainly Bethenny, to further her own agenda.