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In our MS dynamics CRM project we created a mass-user upload batch.

The batch reads from an excel file and does a mass upload of the users.

Is there any way to ensure the Bias property is loaded? Some of these where changed, but some are more or less identical.

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Before the introduction of the “behavior” modifier for date fields, things could get a little confusing and problematic in certain situations.

Let’s look at how to improve behavior of the date field in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

One of the things this batch needs to set is the timezonecode. Update To get all the CRM timezones we did the following: But it seems the only properties filled are Id, Code, Standard Name and User Interface Name.

In the excel file the timezone will be written as eg "UTC 1" The code used by CRM seems to be the timezonecode SQL-server is using as can be found here. My ideas so far: Currently we just implemented our own conversion class with hard coded values. It seems only the UI name contains the offset we're looking for.

You are on the East Coast and the integration user also has an Eastern Time zone assignment.


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