Crossover dating sim

If you have installed all correctly you should start talking with the mob himself. For more help go to the link linked in the description. Each of the talkable mobs have one of those, and in the future, they will do something more that give an achievement. First make sure you are using a human skin (any one works, even HD ones) Replace a mob skin with your own either inside or inside a texturepack.

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If you are still having problems ask me and I'll try to help you, but only if your questions hasn't been already answered in this post I only want to use human MOBS! You can also find info about how to customize your skins there: You just wasted 5 seconds of your life reading this message, you will now think about something you could have done for these 5 seconds instead of reading this useless message that now made you waste 10 seconds of your life.

Why, because it is aesthetic and doesn't actually change gameplay? I for one will be using it, as well as the others I listed. Earlier while kicking back in my little village, I mistook a creeper for just one of my villagers turning my back on it.

18 more games were released exclusive for videogame consoles.

Note: the console versions of expansions (such as The Sims 2: Pets) are sometimes considered ports of them, but being complete games instead of expansions, they're totally different releases and are listed here.

I guess you'd consider MAtmos, or Better Skies, or Connected Textures, or Random Mobs useless as well? Luckily, it resulted in me just needing to do some building repair.