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This is another really cool benefit of chatting with your potential Christian soul mate, which is the fact that you can find devout Christian women from across the globe, from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

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I always thought I would meet my husband serendipitously… Our eyes would lock and grand music would start playing in the background… The search filters really come in handy when you are looking for a needle in a haystack, also known as a tall, handsome, Christian man.

It’s pretty great time management when you know what you are looking for. And there’s not very many “choices” by the time I set all the filters. I have many more post to write about the experiences I have already had but trust me when I say Christian men are more rare than they should be.

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It occurs to me that this is a good post to write because when I tell people that I am participating in online dating websites, they usually have a host of questions.