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They FINALLY give Sasha a ringer…still manage to give Maks an even bigger ringer.

at the Kreiss' 75th-anniversary celebration to benefit the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program in Hollywood on April 19. I mean, I asked permission first, too, so that helps." Even though Maria is in a committed relationship with her producer boyfriend, Keven Undergaro, that didn't stop her from raving about her seductive kiss with Derek! "Derek's not the first other man I've kissed, because between movies and TV shows, it happens," Maria told . "Not at all," Keven recently said when asked whether the kiss bothered him.

She got her start on the show at 17 before crossing over into film and playing with a music career and Derek is a fan favorite who also dabbles in music.

I think we have all heard bits and pieces of their story — about how the brother and sister left home while in grade school to go and seriously train in ballroom dance overseas.

Derek hasn’t exactly breezed through the whole experience either, as he has been the subject of gay rumors for years.