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The other day I started looking at people’s posts on Facebook and it got me thinking: a lot of people make posts about exactly where they are and what they are doing. And I just have to wonder: For whom exactly are they posting? People who you don’t really talk to very much anymore? They portray things on social media, and hang out on social media because they can’t go out and socialize in person. The next time you want to be validated by posting your life on Facebook, think to yourself: Do I know all those people?

While I was thinking about this I started to realize that Facebook is dangerous on so many levels. The other day a guy called me for a coaching class. It creates a ticking time bomb and makes it so that one, little thing might trigger this person. Next time you want to put up a cute picture of your kid sitting in front of her school, so that anybody who looks can know her location from 8am to 3pm every single day, think to yourself: do you know all those people on Facebook?

She was a victim of cyberbullying in one of the groups before she disappeared in January. One Facebook group created by a boy named Jordan do not have any cyberbullying and sexual content and can actually be used by teens to communicate and talk about things that they can only discuss online.

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Girls are mostly targeted by them and cause rape kills people and MMS scandal.

According to Wikipedia Facebook has 1.39 billion active users (December 31, 2014).

She blew him off one day, because she said she that she wasn’t feeling well. She had gone to brunch and taken pictures of her food: her eggs, salmon, and other things. Every day, I hear stories about stalkers on Facebook. Every single day, people will constantly post updates telling people where they are. You never know what this person is thinking or going to do.

She blew me off, yet she broadcast all over Facebook what she was out doing.” I told him to save his money. The Facebook family tree is so far reaching that it would be impossible for you to know about their real emotional character. Just because you were friendly with them in high school, doesn’t mean that they haven’t turned into a crazy stalker now. Then, I told her to delete every piece of personal information about her and her family that she could possibly find.

He posted on your wall four times today — does that mean he's too into you?