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When two people with the same zodiac sign fall in love, there is often an instant compatibility born of genuine understanding.

Sometimes, however, the same sign couple are simply too similar to retain each other’s interest.

Not so with the Sagittarius man and Sagittarius woman – this pair of adventurers may choose to journey together for a lifetime.

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Part of what gets us Sags going is figuring out how to make it work with the person we connect with. We want you now and it’s a turn off when you start playing hard to get. As an optimist, Courtney has decided to use her past heartbreaks and channel it positively into what she has always enjoyed doing most - writing!

To date and love a Sagittarian, you have to be a free spirit and always ready for new adventures.

Aware of his or her body Lucky for you, if you date a Sagittarius, his or her looks won't disappear once he or she gets comfortable.

A Sagittarius understands the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying in shape.

Regardless, it's always fun to investigate such a topic and explore it in its entirety.