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In this recent interview with the Register in Vienna, Martin Kugler shares why they started the website, why he believes prejudice against using internet dating sites is diminishing, and why Catholic dating sites offer certain safeguards that others do not. I didn’t meet my wife on the internet, but we met the bishop responsible for the pastoral care of families in Austria.

He said he had many friends, or knew of many people, who were wanting to start a Christian family but hadn’t found the right partner.

[…] Let the dating world know that Marvin R Calderon of Carlsbad, New Mexico is nothing better than a dating nightmare.

Marvin Calderon owes over 23,000 in child support, has a DWI currently on a scam bracelet.

They tended to be around 35 to 40 years old and were pessimistic because, in their village or in the place they worked, there were only divorced people, or they weren’t Christian or committed.


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