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If I wander too far from the Flashing Red "contested territory" I get a message saying to "get back into the war zone".

I have stood in the war zone for 20 minutes only to just stand there with nobody coming after me, hence if I leave the war zone I don't get to win that area because after a couple minutes I lose it.

The other girls, however, are harder to get 1005 with.

Take them flowers and kissing is also a good way to boost your percentage.

You HAVE TO have the gang member with you, or else it will not work. When talking on the cellphone, press Triangle to end the conversation then quickly switch to the tec9, in your hands you will have a cellphone that shoots!


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    At the second trimester scan they check that your baby is developing normally, they assess the gestational age by measuring the crown-rump length and will also look for any major problems.

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    Others were, and I soaked up everything they could teach me, but still, there was something strange about it . I didn’t overthink it — I just answered them and kept on blogging to earn clients. ” I was in too deep to back down, too survival-minded to do anything but go forward, and, quite honestly, too scared I’d lose everything I’d worked so hard to build. But there was always that risk that someone, someday, would end up spilling the beans. And sure enough, someone I trusted got mad and decided to out me.

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