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The earliest indication that a writer is aware of multiple epistles by Paul dates to circa 96 CE - perhaps 3 decades after Paul's death. The publication of the in the mid 80's CE then motivated some individual to tour the early churches, to assemble copies of the letters, and then to write Ephesians as an introduction to those letters.

Goodspeed estimates that this collection contained 7 of Paul's epistles.

Aramaic is also used in a verse in Jeremiah and if the traditional date of the Book of Daniel is accurate, there are six chapters in that book (Daniel 2:4-), forming the greater part of the whole, that are the next and most important occurrence of Aramaic in Scripture.

There are other Aramaic passages in Ezra 4:8-; -26, amounting approximately to three chapters.

If this is true, it would be the oldest fragment of the New Testament known to exist.