Dating breaking up your best friend Sex chat taboo

When you break up with a BFF, suddenly you’re doing that alone. This is especially hard if the breakup isn’t exactly mutual–more of a “getting dumped” situation rather than a “breaking up” one.

While this can definitely blindside you, there are often some early signs that your best friend is trying to break up. Find out with this quiz: Have you ever gone through a BFF breakup?

You’re dating this awesome guy and you’re happy and in love. You spend a lot of time ranting about her to anyone who will listen, you don’t care if they don’t want to hear it. For some reason, your ex-BFF gets mad at YOU for talking about her so much. When you run into them anywhere, you want to run the other way.

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The person you always ran to after having a bad day or after hearing exciting news is now the person that you're crying about.

You're constantly thinking about them, wondering if they even miss you at all and you're always wanting to text them.

It’s not a fun experience to go through and if it’s happening to you, here’s a cyber hug.

Also, here’s an explanation of what it REALLY feels like when your best friend dates your ex, in GIFs.

It was a mutual decision and though neither of us ever explicitly said ‘let’s end this’, we both knew we were growing apart. Gone were the hilarious nights out, the intimate evenings in where we bonded over everything from our insecurities to our crushes, and those regular phones calls that went something like: ‘I'm outside your house. People invited us out together, knowing we came as a pair.