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One night in the mid-1860s, Edward Campbell Simmons, a junior partner at Waters, Simmons and Company, a St. He had just had a sales call with the manufacturer of the wildly popular Lippincott axe, whose thin blade worked best on soft woods—the manufacturer had refused to reduce Simmons’ price to a competitive rate.

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As Saunders Norvall, who spent 30 years working for Simmons, wrote in his book, “Forty Years of Hardware,” “When it was finished to [Simmons’] satisfaction, without any premeditation, he wrote in pencil on the fresh pine wooden axe: Keen Kutter. By designing his own axe to compete with the Lippincott, Simmons introduced the concept of jobber special brands. In 1880, Simmons published one of the first fully illustrated hardware catalogs in the world.

The next day he started out to find a manufacturer who would make his new axe, and he succeeded." That manufacturer was Isaiah Blood of Bollston, New York. At first, Keen Kutter referred to a specific kind of axe, but in the 1880 Simmons catalog, the name had been applied to all of the company’s top-of-the-line cutting tools, including axes, hatchets, saws, scythes, adzes, bill hooks, shears, scissors, files, stones, razors, and knives. The catalog, several of which still exist, was an instant hit with the retailers, each of whom received a free copy.

Price: 20.00 USD Art Objects and Antiques On Exhibition at Heinz Ocean Pier (Early 1900's)Atlantic City, New Jersey H. Heinz Company Circa Early 1900's card cover Good-plus condition This is such a charming catalog, published to accompany an antiques and art exhibit on Heinz Ocean Pier in Atlantic City, "the seadside home of the 57 varieties." I'm surprised that there is no date, but I certainly can't find one. There were 162 items on display, many of Asian origin, but not all.

There are six in all -- Werner Bokelberg, Gerard Levy, Josphua P. Beautiful, beautiful photography from daguerreotypes to modern images, some in color, most in black and white.

Text contains much information and is printed on quality coated paper with much saturated illustration. Browning and His Guns; Jonathan Browning; John Moses Browning; Mathew Sandefur Browning; The Development of Lever-Action Repeating Rifles and Pump-Action Shotguns; the Invention and Development of the Automatic Firearm; Browning Guns in Times of National Defense; and The Superposed. 124, Summer 1991New York City Aperture Foundation Inc. 124; Summer 1991 Card cover Vety good condition This beautiful shiny cover is perfect for this issue about photograph collectors and their pictures. The magazine measures 9-1/2" x 11-1/2" and has 74 pages, plus the 1991 catalog from aperture.


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