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I asked men on Twitter where they typically learn from: responses ranged from the obvious (such as communicating with the first person they had sex with) to having an older girlfriend or friend with benefits school them.

" a spurned Cameron Diaz asks Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky, before taking an act of life-changing vengeance on him.

Avenging-women movies often focus on righteous revenge for the raped and abused, but sometimes they're about the irrational acts of a woman who thinks an erstwhile lover has reneged on that unspoken body-promise.

After getting the upper hand on the second attacker, whom she kills in self-defense and whose remains she disposes of in a number of paper bags, Lund buys a gun and heads into the night. 45 is a rape-revenge story, the "revenge" part is disturbingly nebulous: She isn't out to kill any specific violator, just lecherous males in general.

edited by Rose Caraway.“Remember now, Ollie,” Jamie said. As he lapped at me with a stranger’s tongue, holding me with a stranger’s hands, I felt like it was all too much. And then you hit a point where —”The next lick from Oliver sent a shiver through me. I let him fuck me with thick digits while eating my pussy as if his life depended on it.“And there it is…” Jamie chuckled as I came for the second time, my voice a rough ghost of its former self. When he stood I noted the impressive hard line in his pants. He stroked the sides of my face gently as I drove my lips down to the very root of him.

Some people in my community don’t believe in talking about queer sex with straight people. And I’m not ashamed for having sex and falling in love with my fellow girl creatures. Lisa wisely said, “You’ll know when you have it.”I say it’s anytime either my girl and/or I have a glorious orgasm.? The very essence of a woman drives me wild and leaves me TEEMING with relentless desire. It’s a very, um, hands-on experience, if you catch my drift.


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