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Just because a couple plays house by cohabitating or taking vacations with each other's families, that doesn't necessarily equate to marriage, Seligson said. Her book, released earlier this year, combines scientific research and interviews with more than 160 couples who are "a little bit married." CNN asked Seligson about these lengthy relationships, cohabitation and advice for couples who are in long-term relationships.

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You know yourself that he is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, and his actions and words are pointing in the same direction. It doesn't matter if it was 5 years ago, or 5 days ago – no man wants to be his buddy's sloppy seconds – let alone wife one up.

You're too dependent Men want to be needed, but he doesn't want to be your be all and end all.

Grad school will be another 4 years - supposedly he would like to start looking for a house, but our apartment lease runs out in August.

I would imagine he will tell me for the next 1 - 2 years that we're "looking for a house," all the while we never actually see any realtors or any houses and continually extend our apartment lease.

She bases her main thesis on people opting to eat stale donuts versus waiting for fresh donuts, associating impulse-control problems with personal and professional instability.