Dating for women over 35

My own journey online could have been less bumpy, so maybe I can help someone else avoid my initial mistakes.

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Many guys will mistake any of those things as signs of interest in them. She just might be a friendly extrovert.) So she learns to kind of push away guys.

Not saying that she does this with everyone, but she learns to send out that “I’m not interested” body language.

Seasoned Meet is a term coined to describe those of us who may be considered past our “sell-by date.” It also conjures an image of the way most of us feel—like we are pieces of meat being picked over. It’s a foreign concept to those of us over 50, and no one’s given us a decent guidebook we can use to find out way.

Instead, we use our instincts to decide what to write in our profile and what pictures to post to attract the perfect man or woman.

Originally published on Girls Ask Guys Dating for women over 30 or 40 can be a special issue all on its own.