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said it would sell its Opel and Vauxhall brands to the France’s Groupe PSA SA. His indefatigable search for a rescue, er, partner is exceeded only by his candor to actually say so — and name names (that is, Volkswagen AG, or GM, or whoever would have Italian-American agglomeration) in the process.“I have no doubt that at the relevant time VW may show up to have a chat,” Marchionne said in Geneva, according to Bloomberg News. Without even blinking, I could” because his preferred partner is “still GM.”Doesn’t matter that VW again says “nein, danke,” whatever its on-again, off-again lust for FCA’s Alfa Romeo.

Doesn’t matter that GM repeats its “not interested” brush-off, arguably with more intent now that it’s bagging the traditional auto business in Europe. Despite record auto sales and fat profits in the United States; despite a new, far more business-friendly administration in the White House; despite the prospect of Team Trump easing tough federal fuel-economy targets, the global auto industry clearly is moving into another round of consolidation.

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Capital demands are increasing, mostly because the traditional business now is competing with a new sector the industry didn’t seriously contemplate just a few short years ago.