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The sex was OK, but it was not good enough for me to keep him. Oh and before you say something about me being a sugar mamma. About 11pm this little cutie comes up to me and says,"my friend wants to take you to her room", I said which one is she and I look over there. It's dark as hell and I'm liking this on one hand and a bit nervous on the other.

I stumble over to the bed and get in and start feeling up the body that's laying there. I tell her I'm going to turn the light on and she says no!

Whiskers III(pet cat) Jane is a bright, passionate young woman, who dreams of becoming a writer.

She grew up with her very young mother and Abuela, and loves her family deeply.

As a society, we've become used to May to September relationships - just look at Madonna and her latest backing dancer; Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones and their 25-year age gap.