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After remaining friends through high school and college (Reed at Cal Poly, and me at UCSB), we both ended up heading down to Southern California for work, at which point the inevitable happened.....started dating.

We both love the Central Coast for the sense of calm we get while we’re there, and the amazing memories we made together in SLO.

has pioneer roots in Durham, England where George Penman II was born in 1826 and his brother Robert in 1830.

The Penman brothers dreamed of adventure and opportunity in America, so in 1850 they sailed to New York, along with their wives Sarah and Mary Ann.

they “pulled stake” and continued on to California – a hard wagon journey of seven months – finally arriving in Mohawk Valley, Plumas County, California.

Enchanted by the landscape and all it could offer, the two families settled.

"We first met across an arts and crafts table throwing markers and construction paper at each other in 2nd grade.