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Dating on earth 2016

At some point in the early history of Earth, a planetoid the size of Mars crashed into our planet.

The resulting collision sent debris into orbit that eventually became the Moon.

#Fitteston Earth | @reebok #Cross Fit Games #Cross Fit #CFG10 @davexre | @crossfittraining A photo posted by The Cross Fit Games (@crossfitgames) on : Congratulations on the huge win. It’s hard to imagine you having too many physical weaknesses—you were the fittest woman on earth in 2015. I've been working hard on them, and I just did them last year, but I still felt that after last year's Games that it was something that I could be working on. In all honesty, I don't even like thinking of myself as that. Because thinking of yourself like that, I feel like you could become content. If you strive for perfection, then somewhere along the way, you’ll hit the best version of yourself. No, but I always ask myself if what I did was the best that I could do.

I was going to be happy with the weekend regardless of the outcome, but the win is such a big bonus.

Every April 22 since 1970 we have celebrated Earth Day, a commemoration and day dedicated to activism on behalf of the environment.