Dating places in kathmandu

Also, with passage of time, the couple soon run out of good dating ideas.

So, this post is dedicated to offer you with some of the best places for dating like Balaju Baisdhara Park, Nepal’s only Central Zoo, Tundikhel, Godavari Botanical Garden, Tribhuvan Park in Thankot, Chobhar and Taudaha.

To know more about Chovar( Manjushree Park): Click Here Taudaha is the place where you can actually spend your entire day without getting bored with your date. If you are fond of fish feeding, then it’s really fun to see those fish fight for the food you give.

There are places to eat like restaurant or cottages, which gives you a perfect view of the pond. To know more about Taudaha: Click here Many people know about this place as it is in the busy streets of Kathmandu and really famous among couples. They provide you with mats to lie on the fresh grass and look at the clear blue sky.

A beautiful oasis of calm and tranquility behind the high walls that separate it from the busy roads and traffic of Tamal. Lots of statues and water features, and a terrific restaurant/cafe for coffee or the works. There is one but it is only 200 rupees (ie 20 cents Australian).