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Ruby glanced over at a nearby nightstand, where a digital clock rested. While the two leaders were very happy in their relationship, there was one drawback. It wasn't that they wanted to hide it from their closest friends, but they scared of how they would react.

I enjoy living on the coast living close to the water.

I enjoy my home , family, friends, cooking, cafes, beach, movies, drives, camping, holidays away etc.

I have a happy disposition, you will usually catch me with a smile on my face.

His shaggy blonde hair was splayed across a white pillow, his head was positioned so that is chin lightly rested on top of Ruby's head.

His heavy breathing told the younger teen that he was still asleep. Jaune and Ruby had been dating for around a year and a half now, but only it had only started to get really serious in the last six months.

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