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The detective told his superiors that he recalled seeing Ruiz at his desk browsing with a split-screen image simultaneously on his computer monitor that included the police database and that Ruiz told Glashoff something akin to, “she has a DUI or is suspended,” according to the court documents.

A detective reported to his superior that Ruiz and Glashoff had been on the dating website “while at work every day for what seemed like months” and that the two men were “often having their own side conversations regarding dating sites,” according to the court documents.

A search of the two men’s desktop computers revealed they both were accessing and that Ruiz was also browsing e and, court documents reflect.

9/11 related illness: 3 Assault: 2 Automobile crash: 14 Boating accident: 1 Drowned: 1 Duty related illness: 1 Exposure to toxins: 1 Gunfire: 20 Heart attack: 3 Motorcycle crash: 2 Stabbed: 1 Struck by vehicle: 1 Vehicle pursuit: 4 Vehicular assault: 1 January: 13 February: 11 March: 9 April: 10 May: 11 June: 1 Alabama: 1 Arkansas: 1 California: 4 Delaware: 2 Florida: 2 Georgia: 2 Illinois: 1 Iowa: 1 Kentucky: 1 Louisiana: 3 Michigan: 1 Mississippi: 1 Missouri: 1 Montana: 1 Nevada: 1 New Mexico: 1 New York: 5 North Carolina: 2 North Dakota: 1 Ohio: 2 Oklahoma: 2 Puerto Rico: 1 South Carolina: 2 Tennessee: 2 Texas: 2 Tribal Police: 3 U.

There are many important questions about police brutality in America that are not being asked by the mainstream media.

The equipment was turned over to the Northern California Computer Crimes Task Force, which was joined in the investigation of the two officers by a data analyst with the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Analysis.


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