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Men describing themselves as “quiet”, “energetic”, and “respectful” can be hurting their chances.

For the ladies, women who describe themselves as “sweet”, “funny”, and “ambitious” are approached more by men.

Time dating finally arrested in colorado department of and human services substance abuse and mental health problems, including depression and reactions to situations that affect employees and the environment.

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For example “perceptive” and “physically fit” men attract between 58-143% more interest from women who want to get to know them better.

While “sweet”, “funny” or “ambitious” women get between 28-38% more approaches.

There is no better time than to start your online dating business than today.

A recent survey from the Fox network indicates that up to 35% of people now find their partner online.

Having more member on your dating service gives your users more choice and they can pay more and longer memberships.


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