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They offered me over 700 British blokes who enjoy a spot of single track, and only 99 women.

With stats like that, they won’t be lonely for long.

At first, I thought there had been a surge in websites dedicated to single speeders.

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Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Welcome to our totally free Asian dating service where local men and Western and American men can seek Asian women and girls for marriage.

This is a free dating site to help Asian singles and personals to find each other on the Internet.

Online dating sites are filled with all kinds of people: the serious, the-not-serious, the curious, the-not-really-available, clowns, and guys who just make stuff up. My profile says what I’m looking for, and what characteristics I desire. Judging by the so-called Matches they send to me, it is clear that whoever is making this decision (it’s probably automated) can’t or won’t read. I don’t need to spend my time online sorting thru men I don’t want to go out with…and who don’t really want to go out with me. One of my friends married a great lady last year who he met online. Whatever you do, don’t miss a Spinsterlicious update!, daily, recommended for me matches to men who indicated they wanted a white woman. keeps suggesting guys who are looking for women in an age range that is not mine or who want to have kids…which I don’t. Another is engaged to a woman he met online, and a girlfriend is in a serious relationship with a guy she met online a few months ago…so it’s not all bad…I may return…but right now these online sites who pretend to help but really don’t can NOTE: If you like “Spinsterlicious” and want to be notified of new posts, please subscribe “Via Email” in the box on the right.

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