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Dating site about me generator

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Want to attract lovely ladies and wow eligible men? Online dating sites provide lots of options, but there's always that pesky free-text field where you have to sell yourself in your own words. The aim of Dating Profile Generator is to help you fill that all-important free text field on online dating sites.


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    Sample Info ------------------------------------------------------- age range 18-65 # of men 1249 # of women 1458 average height of women in sample 5ft 4.9in average height of men in the sample 5ft 10.3in -------------------------------------------------------- Question that was asked: Summation If you adjust for the height difference of men and women (men are @5in taller), men have an almost identical opposite direction height preference.

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    You’d think that big cities like New York and Miami would be full of singles looking to mingle, right? According to a new survey by Badoo, the best and worst cities for dating aren’t what you’d expect. The survey claims that the best city for singles in the United States is Norfolk, Virginia, because it has the highest concentration of singles in the nation.

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