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BP is a major hub for models and actors, so it's a great place to meet some very humble peeps. We know it never turns out like that—at TUBB we deal in reality.

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Up until recently, I was 80 pounds overweight, and very insecure about my appearance and lack of experience. When it comes to photos, finding my best angle — even if the result doesn’t look exactly like me — has always made me feel confident.

First thing you have to understand is that my dating life had been limited.

That's something best left to a private conversation with someone you've had a chance to get to know.

Share the info when *you* are comfortable but I hope you don't do it in an email with someone on a dating site you've never even met. Might be interesting if everyone showed their number though.

But as a review of literature stretching back to cave drawings will tell you, meeting -- and hanging onto -- the person isn't all that easy. They're not perfect but they're better than ordering brides by mail or submitting to your mother's idea of who your perfect match is.


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    Plus, they come with all of the perks that you'd expect from leading chatting websites.

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    The trouble is that they’re now a trio of independent teenagers — popular Bridget (Kelly Cuoco), brainy Kerry (Amy Davidson), and smart-aleck Rory (Martin Spanjers).