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There is the usual patina on these pieces that you just learn to live with... These headpieces can be slightly bent by hand to match your headshape (I know because I tried it! In 1946 his hat prices retailed for .50 - .50. Druce retired in 1954 and left the business to Leslie. if Leslie James designs were good enough for Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford..... If these trimmings aren't original to the hat, they are still as early as 1900's. And as you probably know (if you've ever watched a Jane Austen movie) hats and bonnets were re-trimmed all the time for those who weren't extraordinarily wealthy. always best to buy those with beautiful "bones" so any trim will just be secondary to the beauty of the hat itself! Clara La Doskey Gee Rymer, the wife of the founder of the Dixie Foundry in 1916 which became Magic Chef Inc.

with only one small area of oxidation on one earpiece (see photos).... :) These will fit a larger head size or smaller, so depending on your head and how much hair you have, just bend to fit. This one is a simple, basic shape stiff molded two-tone straw hat in hot pink and strong candy pink with that sweet "button flap" on the one side!

The only thing wrong really are the chin ties, but this is the besst condition you will likely see for a padded bonnet!!! In my years of collecting, I've actually sold quite a number of these, so I'm assuming they they were quite popular in the 20's. kind of like the Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress of the 1970s. No, I think my first assessment is accurate (and I'm stickin' to it! Even though I've had a few, I seek them out and I have to tell you, they are getting MUCH harder to find. Adjustable slightly hammered goldtone metal bands at the top to fit anyone. The perfect accessory for your next 1920's dressup. The cloche is woven into the shape of a classic 1920's hairdo - complete with the finger wavy hairs all over and the pinned up "longer" hair braided at the back and braid coiled at the sides. This will fit a 22" head, as you'd expect a 20s cloche to fit tightly. from a lot, and I don't really deal in new shoes, so .... Eventually his hats were wholesaled to department stores. Then added an additional shop in Southhampton, NY some time in the 1960s. Soft red straw tall hat trimmed in green ribbon in the ultimate flower pot shape! Excellent condition, though the hat is pretty much flattened when off the head, it bounces right back to near perfect on the head!

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I plan on updating this article as soon as I gather these historical materials but for your immediate benefit, I’ll begin exploration of the ILGWU union labels at 1955.

Quick Tips for Dating Vintage Here are some quick, easy-to-remember tips. Center-back dress zippers – seen occasionally in the 1940s and early 1950s, but generally later 1950s and 1960s and in most dresses since the 1970s.

Do you have a vintage union label that you need help identifying?

I’d love to see it and figure out its origin and era! a union label by The United Hatters of North America (UHNA).

This one has that great "pocket" decoration at the one side and the large decorative buttons. Excellent condition just might use new elastic under the chin. The classic padded bonnet from the mid-19th Century era. And even more rarely am I first in line to purchase them for you! This hat is in great condition and has a pretty gray bow at one side (so it could match the jacket below... But as you purchase each separately, at least you know they came from ONE previous owner and are all original to this one store stock box! Excellent condition with a few store scuffs (Small scuff at right front side of right shoe - you can see on the first photo on the left. Ever so slight scuff at back of heel - see photo - note that color in that photo is off... I wear a size 6.5, and you can see them on my wrinkly foot (I wonder if I can botox my feet! :) from a lot, and I don't really deal in new shoes, so .... I had to lighten photos for you to see the details. Seems I'm not the only one who wondered about who Leslie James might be. it took a grandson and Past Perfect vintage posts to get this information: Leslie James was a combination of James Druce (CEO) and Leslie George Masters, a former film actors in the 1930s at MGM who was encouraged to take up millinery design by the famous Gilbert Adrian. From a museum deaccession and still has the original museum hangtags. Covered in what I think are my favorite flower, silk Lisianthus. The factory was based in Los Angeles with hundreds of employees. so indeed, this hat was displayed at a few museums across the country. ALL huge silk hot pink flowers at the front and large matching satin bows covering the stiff hat back.