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A much different scene than the beefy, sweaty dudes in the weight room. What can you do to create your best chance of an interaction that feels really good to both of you?

That means in any given yoga class, seven out of every ten people are going to be women. How is a decent guy like you supposed to navigate that? Offer relaxed and friendly hellos without needing a response, noticing who seems friendly back.

If that’s the case, women will detect that more than the incense. Do you really think the other women can’t see you staring at Miss Ponytail for two looooong minutes? This isn’t the place be the pushy, alpha-male bar guy.

Men often lack tact when “discreetly” checking out a beautiful woman. Find out more at, follow him on Facebook and tweet him at @jeffreyplatts.

In addition to becoming more flexible, it also helps me to calm my mind and to focus on what I really want in life.