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Hollywood, CA, May 20, 2016 --( Studies have shown that there are more men and women who are 30 years of age or older who have never been married and have yet to raise any children in today's society than there have ever been at any point in this nation's history.

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First dates are often boring, awkward, unexciting, and even torturous to many men.

Guys build up the occasion in their mind for days or weeks beforehand, only to be severely let down after the fact.

As he branched out into deeper issues of masculinity, self-worth, and the changing cultural landscape, the site grew.

By 2013, he had begun writing about larger cultural issues ?

I don’t know how I would have made it through the times of doubt and uncertainty without you and everyone else. My boyfriend and I met about a year ago in the most magical way and we have been together every day. Not only have I attracted my soul mate, I am also actively engaged in my art and have found a spiritual community which supports me in living my highest and best life.