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If Tinder can convince these users to upgrade to Tinder Plus, its new premium tier, then it can bring in the revenue that its massive valuations have promised. Tinder Users Aren’t Exclusive – 70% Are Visiting Online Dating Sites Online daters like to keep their options open, and Tinder users are no different.

Drink, Shop & Do have teamed up with award-winning dating blogger Vix Meldrew to help raise your dating game and meet new people during an evening of fun, advice, games and non-awkward mingling.

Vix will talk you through the peaks and pitfalls of internet dating and will share her expertise on how to successfully overhaul your profiles and secure those quality matches.

The timing of this opportunity couldn’t be better: next week I fly out to Berlin on my holidays and, before I know it, I am learning a new language, a language that will help me to navigate my way through the unexplored avenues that I shall soon be treading.

But learning to speak a new and unfamiliar language isn’t easy. Cut, shape, longer slimming lines, texture, layers, structured boat shoes – ich verstehe nicht (loosely translated – I haven’t got a clue pal).

Over the bubbles we discuss my parameters and I’m given the opportunity to lay my non-negotiables on the table. Once satisfied that I won’t be sent home a) looking like a ponce, or b) as if I am tragically denying my age and auditioning to join a boy band, we drain our glasses and set forth to leave the old (old) Matty behind and stride boldly towards some new threads.