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If the Justice Department indicted you tomorrow for doing something on a computer that you shouldn’t have been doing, it’s almost certain that within a few short hours you would hear Leiderman’s name.

That might be because he’s already written about your case to his thousands of followers online.

Hirst has described the formative experience of seeing dead bodies as a teenager: ‘When I was really young, I wanted to know about death and I went to the morgue and I got these bodies and I felt sick and I thought I was going to die and it was awful. And the point where death starts and life stops, for me, in my mind, before I saw them, was there. Death was moved a bit further away.”[1] ‘With Dead Head’ is an expression of the difficulties inherent in attempting to understand our own mortality, and in dealing with the “unacceptable idea” of death.[2] Hirst explains: “To me, the smile and everything seemed to sum up this problem between life and death.

And then when I’d seen them and I’d dealt with them for a while, it was over there again.

It might be because your lawyers need advice themselves.