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He has now been banned from going anywhere near her home by a restraining order and curfewed to keep him at his parents’ home overnight.Greenaway, aged 18, of Orwell Garth, Exeter, who was a student at the Chelfham College in Bere Alston, Tavistock, admitted battery, two burglaries, criminal damage and two offences of violent entry into a home.

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10.28pm: I really didn’t know a deaf film could get ruder than Hands Solo… 10.25pm: ‘Sex or Chocolate’ consists of two women talking straight to camera, signing very graphically about their sexual preferences… 10.02pm: Example of subtitles in ‘Wild Dogs’: “Don’t whine, ya.” “I really have to be there or will be royally f*****!

” “Ya know me no good at fibbin.'” 9.57pm: The first is called ‘Wild Dogs.’ The subtitles are all written in street English.

Proud alum of the University of Michigan, BFA Musical Theatre.

Thanks to Craig Burns/Telsey, Harden Curtis, and all who believed in me.

On February 1996 the Hotline took its very first call.