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While the title would make one think it’s all about hipster dislikes — sleeping on a real bed; working full-time; using capital letters; hygiene and grooming in general; a copious use of “dude,” “fuck” and “shit” in everyday conversation — it also pegs that which defines them, from fedora and facial hair to hard-ons for day-drinking and flipping through vinyl records.

It’s written like a research paper, complete with case studies, on-the-scene quotes from their subjects, photographs, and charts and graphs. As if dealing with the entitled generation weren’t enough, now we have a group of passive, lazy asses, too? At least they won’t mind sharing their illegally downloaded MP3s.

You might not have heard, but Dodd-Frank regulations and their ilk have been a real bummer for big financial institutions.

both of which are also Deal Breakers); Facebooks with his or her parents; owns any album or song by a former American Idol contestant, etc. Double negative CDB if she hasn’t even been on the route (e.g., “Have you done that route? “No, but I belayed my buddy on it and he definitely used that left crimp.”).

It’s important to note that Deal Breakers are not obvious during an initial encounter—they are subcutaneous characteristics or habits that you have to stumble upon after the initial fly-by assessment. Writes a Letter to the Editor to complain about the CDB list.

He's the finest president we've had in I don't know how long. He's every conservative's dream of a president, except he's not their dream of a president.

Everything he's done, he's cut the unemployment rate in half, he's tripled the stock market as you said a minute ago, he saved the auto industry, he brought about marriage equality. I mean, he did it all, and there's not a bit of scandal.

Now, if a person was initially deemed non-offensive and you engaged him or her in a second- or third-level interaction, and The twisted beauty of Deal Breakers is that everyone has them, and yet most people are unaware of what theirs are. do NOT belong dangling/clanging on the outside of a pack. Extends draws with an additional draw or sling and then double clips them. The best of Ian’s CDBs texted directly from Smith Rock. I have always known the climbing community to be inclusive and friendly, with a sort of camaraderie not found in other sports. It saddens me that we have this kind of derisive media published. The title makes this seem like a constructive list of climbing techniques and gear knowledge, but after reading the first sentence it is far from that.


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    The pair never confirmed their exclusivity but this year at the MTV VMAs Drake famously said that he has been in love with her since he was 22 years old.

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    The first will deal with the general online dating industry as a whole.

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    How an armed man sneaked into an office to attack a lady, unnoticed by the security guards, beats any logic.

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