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Aboriginal Australians represent one of the longest continuous cultural complexes known.

Archaeological evidence indicates that Australia and New Guinea were initially settled approximately 50 thousand years ago (ka); however, little is known about the processes underlying the enormous linguistic and phenotypic diversity within Australia.

Another important subject is the consistent treatment of correlated uncertainties between a set of measurements and the calibration curve.

This has already been discussed by Jones and Nicholls (2001) in the case of marine reservoir offsets.

After continent-wide colonization, strong regional patterns developed and these have survived despite substantial climatic and cultural change during the late Pleistocene and Holocene epochs.

Remarkably, we find evidence for the continuous presence of populations in discrete geographic areas dating back to around 50 ka, in agreement with the notable Aboriginal Australian cultural attachment to their country.

Two ΔR tests with a neutral offset test (of 0±20) indicate no substantive offset is relevant. The datum at RY93.5 is the one very clear outlying value, and it is probably relevant that this sample was also noted as having fungal contamination (not observed on the other samples).