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Dealing with intimidating neighbours

I just don't like handing people my balls in order to keep the peace, you know? If you can, pretend like you didn't see the stare and just become intensely involved in something else, like talking to another person, looking through your wallet. It's a male dominance ritual that progresses in predictable stages, which you rightly say can end up in violence unless one of the parties backs down, a game of one-upmanship.

Do you have any words of wisdom about situations such as this? The only winning move is not to play and short-circuit it when you recognise the pattern, don't give an opportunity for the opponent to escalate and don't give into the temptation to escalate it yourself.

Whatever the case when it comes to the Neighbour From Hell it usually doesn’t take much and suddenly you find yourself the victim of bullying, harassment, intimidation, loud noise, and general antisocial behaviour visited upon you by an irrational and unreasonable neighbour.

If you have come here looking for methods of revenge you have come to the wrong place, that is not what we are about and it is probably you who is (or is about to become) the NFH.

The last thing you want to do is provide fuel for the NFH and their madness but neither do you want to be driven out of your own home so getting them to shift focus away from you and still getting what you want is the key to managing the situation well.