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Designed for use as either a main text or a supplement, Readings in Deviant Behavior includes selections with high student-appeal. Images of deviance / Stephen Pfohl ; Defining deviancy down / Daniel Patrick Moynihan – Pt.

The sixth edition features many new articles that reflect current trends.

/ Kevin Peraino ; Serial murder: popular myths and empirical realities / James Alan Fox, Jack Levin ; What triggers school shootings? Kimmel, Matthew Mahler ; "I hope someone murders your mother! Dunn ; Child-to-mother violence / Debra Jackson ; How child molesters explain their deviance / Louanne Lawson -- Pt. The desire for death / Thomas Joiner ; Self-injurers: a "lonely crowd" / Patricia A.

Tenured and battered / Madeline Bates ; Intimate stalking: characteristics and consequences / Jennifer L. Rudel ; Enron: organizational rituals as deviance / Jason S.

Covers business-related periodicals providing information on a range of subjects, including accounting, management, finance, marketing, corporate finance, organizational behavior, managerial economics, information systems, telecommunications, and other industry news.