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A number of disabled performers have taken to the stage to entertain mainstream audiences in recent years, although in her routines, Dollar (unlike some) does not refer to either her hearing impairment or her depression, which she writes about with candor and insight.

The internationally famed multi-disciplinary performer Mat Fraser has long explored the relationship between disability, entertainment, and sexuality.

I thought we hit it off pretty well then she just disappeared. I am a Nurse , I have seen plenty and one thing that IRKS the mud out of me is people that use their disability as an excuse to live a life of sorrow.. Being disabled does seem to limit my interaction with the opposite sex. I know a lot of women who say they want to START OUT as friends, but I cherish my friends, so taking that step into the realm of relationships is not one I'm generally going to take.

She finally wrote back that she had found someone else, lol. GOD BLESS ALL OUR SOLDIERS...prayers for all disabled people no matter what the disability. true , I am not disabled and I do not know what you are going through emotionally at times. I like his company and he enjoyed life .2- I danced with a man that was in a wheelchair. I have had more success when the friendship grew alongside the romance. She giggled, patted me on the head like I was a DOG and said "Awww, how cuuuuutttte!

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Same thing with race it dont make a difference there either, as long shes not a nag, or control freak good things can happen.