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And just imagine how that’ll affect your morale and confidence!

Feel more confident about your assets down there, and focus more on pleasuring her through extended foreplay instead of sending your little guy into the tunnel and waiting for him to work all the magic. [Read: 8 ways to get any girl you like to notice you] Some guys are obsessed with big breasts while some guys love breasts anyway they come.

This also affects their witnessing to non-Christians; Third, for many non-Christians, this is a stumbling block hindering them from believing that they can trust the Bible as being a true record of history, from the first book, Genesis, onwards.

But, besides the fact this is an easy question to answer, does it really matter whether or not we can answer it? First of all, it is vitally important for the Christian to be able to answer this question, as it relates to defending the fact that all humans are descendants of Adam and Eve; and, secondly, that it is their descendants that can be saved.

Don’t let your penis decide how much of a man you are.