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Japanese girls' style is so different from western girls. I presume they are real amateur who work from home because lot of them avoid showing her face in gallery.It seems that they are used to do blow job or have cum on their face because you will find many girls pose with mouth opened and face tilted - typical subservient Japanese girls kneel down and do blow job and drink cum or have cum all over her face sort of pose. 1 point to chat and 2 points per minute for 1-on-1 private show. They even give out 'Top Performer Bonus' Top three girls who work longest hour receive 0, and bonus respectively.

At first glance, Dx Live looks pretty stylish and is coherently set-out, but suffers from a lack of online performers.

Nonetheless, with the cute chicks that are present, overcoming the language barrier shouldn't be an issue.

From a samurai’s armour to a coat of Shinsengumi to even a miniature tower of the Tokyo Tower, the room was filled with souvenirs from all over Japan. While I was shocked by the size of this theatre, Sirzechs-sama sat on the middle seat on ground floor. ” Sirzechs-sama replied, “This is a place where we entertain our guests. ” Sirzechs-sama pulled one out and showed it to me.

Ah, she even has miniature wooden model of a bear - more than one as well! “Come here and sit down.” “Ah, yes.” I sat next to Sirzechs-sama. We use it when we have to present something to the audience but… “It’s a video recording device used in the underworld. Nowadays, we sell video cameras from the human world but for the 72 Pillar houses, we use these instead. The recording devices are quite similar to video cameras as well.” Heh, so that’s what it was. Just then, the lights turned off and video started to play on the screen. And I'm about to show you when Rias was just a child.” …..

As you will see in my Top Cam Sites list, there are a number of Asian-focused sites worth checking out and a little while back I stumbled upon DX Live.