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I think it shows how much faith and belief he had in what was going on, which is great. JP: He was still so young and skinny then; that’s all the room you’ve got. I said, “Come in my car”, they jumped in and every other word was “dude”. Then it was printed that that we banned them from drinking. "We had to get back to the raw guts sound, and musically it's somewhere between/ Oct.

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In Rocks, Perry discusses how the real source of the band’s turmoil wasn’t Perry’s wife, but the members' refusal to sit down and discuss their problems. Perry asked Tyler for an explanation, but was given many different answers.

“One was that he was auditioning only for one show, and then there was another one that was, ‘I really didn’t want to do it anyway,’" Perry told Buzz Feed News. My trust in him as far as that kind of thing goes is nonexistent.

"It's fresher - we've got a new producer and a new studio. I really liked Lyon's drum sound, so we got in touch." Steven Tyler was ecstatic about returning to the studio.

"It's a fuckin' solar eclipse," Tyler said in regard to the band's latest work.

Steven, were you aware there was a rumour that you and Joey [Kramer, Aerosmith drummer] were gay when Aerosmith were starting out?