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Their colon cancer page helps users to answer critical questions about colon cancer. This site is hosted by a network of colon cancer survivors and their loved ones.Support groups, listserves, chat rooms, matching list that connects newly diagnosed with long term survivors, an extensive library of colorectal cancer and other relevant links, literature, awareness pins and t-shirts are all available.

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On June 23, 2004 HIV In Site and the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies convened a panel of experts to discuss the increasing popularity of the Internet as a medium to meet sexual partners among men who have sex with men.

Participants: Philip Huang, Asian Health Service, Oakland, California; Jeff Klausner, MD, San Francisco Department of Public Health; Deb Levine, Internet Sexuality Information Services, San Francisco; Greg Rebchook, UCSF Center for AIDS Prevention Studies; Frank Strona, Mark Vogel: Welcome to today's roundtable discussion sponsored by HIV In Site and The Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, both at UCSF.

But, there isn't enough evidence to support the other claims.

Some studies indicate that the use of an enema does not: The Ministry of Health in a directive issued in 2005 states that an enema should be given only if there is a need, such as when a woman complains of constipation.

The Colon Cancer Alliance (CCA) is an organization of colon and rectal cancer survivors, their families, caregivers, people genetically predisposed to the disease and the medical community.


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