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The end result is that people do not take the medication as they should and they continue to suffer from their skin care problem.

Antihistamines are medicines that can be used to relieve severe itching and help break this cycle.

Often you will find that the itchiness of your skin is reduced when you use regular moisturisers to keep the skin soothed and hydrated, and control the inflammation with topical corticosteroids or other newer medicines.

This helps to prevent inflammation and eases allergic reactions.

If you have a severe allergic reaction, your symptoms may include: This type of severe reaction is called anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is commonly triggered by an allergy to wasp and bee stings, latex, and certain foods, including eggs, fish, shellfish, cow’s milk and nuts. If you have anaphylaxis, it’s important that you get medical help immediately, as it can be very serious and you need an adrenaline injection.

The good news is that over-the-counter or prescription antihistamines tend to be very successful in relieving the symptoms caused by dermatographism and other skin problems that cause hives and itching.