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That would be an innocuous enough story as a made-for-TV movie on Lifetime (but probably Freeform), but this is Refn here, whose films up until now have dealt almost uniformly with over-the-top masculinity and stomach-turning ultraviolence.

What would he have to say about the experience of an image-conscious teen girl?

You can set your current state to Available, Away o Do Not Disturb. The quality of the video will depend on your bandwith.

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I mention this now, because it plays into what will be MY SUPER AWESOME GUESS ABOUT WHO GOT BASEBALL BAT BLUDGEONED AT THE END OF THE EPISODE! 2) Okay, so let's just rush through the plot and get to the end because it was nail-bitingly BORING. Mc Sexy, which means all the main characters of this show are down on their knees and about to pay a very heavy price for Rick acting like George W. " 6) Naturally, Rick is about to POOP HIS PANTS—which is the funniest and most gratifying thing I've seen all season. (Something tells me the is known for its cliff-hangers, but this one was pretty unsatisfying.