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Others find some need to search out “specialty’ shops geared to the over 35 set.

While there are those who woefully feel that they peaked at 25.

Can you give me some middle-aged men’s fashion advice on how to dress in an age-appropriate way without looking like a boring old fart… (50 Reasons to Stay Hot–Oak Park, IL) Dear 50 Reasons: I sorry to say that I really don’t get this great subdivide of clothing being considered for either the very young or for the wizened and bewildered.

So many readers, men and women, write in bemoaning that fashion is for the young and they feel over-the-hill at even 30 years of age.

Known as the longest-running girls youth volleyball players’ rankings, with a lineage dating more than three decades, the Fab 50 showcases the top 50 senior girls’ players in the country each season.


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