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Recently we’ve been working with JJ and his team from the London Cocktail Club on a new i Phone App.

You’ll will love the app but more to the point, you’ll adore his cocktails. Goodman and James Hopkins, Winners of the BBC tv show “The Restaurant” opened their new restaurant/bar in Goodge Street London earlier this year.

Hopefully if you are not on Santa’s naughty list he will be generous and you can treat yourself to something different. OK, I know at this point some of you are thinking ‘Hang on, an egg in my cocktail…..

Using this you can add embedded weather widgets directly through HTML.

Then using the doc Ashleigh provided you can set it to refresh.

To check your internet connection, simply open your browser on your phone and go to any website or make a random search on google.

If using mobile data, you have to make sure that the Vector App on your phone has permissions to use your 3G connection: On your phone, go to Settings / Mobile Data, scroll down to "Vector" and make sure that it is enabled.

Hi there, Unfortunately Accuweather doesn't auto-refresh. You will need to use our HTML widget in order to embed the weather and configure a refresh interval. — Ashleigh | Community Success Get the help you need in 10 minutes or less, and let us remotely connect, diagnose and correct display problems with Priority Support! Surely there is a free HTML Widget that will auto update within Rise Vision. It says nothing about "Weather" in the description. Does this work in the "Classic" version of Rise Vision? I have installed several 3rd party HTML Weather Widgets. Ray, The HTML widget does not support weather on it's own.