Frank langella barbara walters dating

“Don’t turn the page if you like your stories spoon-fed or sugar-spread,” Langella warns in the preface.

I found this story interesting because it’s news to me that Whoopi Goldberg, 54, had a long relationship with actor Frank Langella, 72.

According to Wikipedia, they met while filming a basketball movie together called , self-righteous interview queen Barbara Walters.

As the “Frost/Nixon” star dishes about the people he worked with over his 40-year career in his new memoir, Frank Langella reveals a penchant for veteran actresses.

He bedded Rita Hayworth and Elizabeth Taylor at the end of their careers, befriended 90-year-old Brooke Astor, and had phone foreplay with the legendary Bette Davis, who was 20 years his senior.

Last year, some of the category winners were chosen by both the After staff and After readers. Somehow Jennifer Hudson comes to mind instead, but that could just be us.