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This selection is not a comprehensive list, but a starting point for further exploration on the prevention of child sexual abuse.

Synopsis: When they're hired to work at a cheerleading camp for the summer, two lusty college friends prepare for the most spirited three months of their lives.

Just a week after Amber Marchese slammed her husband for his lack of affection, Jim revealed that it’s because their marriage is sexless! As Radar previously reported, he has used cancer as a reason their marriage is suffering before.

“I just…I want to make love to my wife,” Jim cried in an exclusive “You put your mouth on my d**k like it’s a G-d damn f***ng lube job! “I’ve had hookers blow me better than you.” “One day, I’m gonna f**k the sh*t out of some b**ch and you’re gonna be like, ‘Why’d you do that? “You’re the best mom ever,” he offered in a backhanded compliment. For that, I’ll put up with this s**t for another 10 years.

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